Business with Bethenney   - written 7/4/16 

The other day I was listening to my beloved Radio Andy on Sirius XM. (you need to listen!) and Bethenney's new show "Be Real with Bethenney" was on.   In her usual abrasive yet endearing way (how many people can pull off both off both adjectives?) she was dishing out advice to callers.  

While I'm not sure I want to hear her marriage, family relationship or parenting advice, I really love when she talks business.  If nothing else girl has excelled in branding and hard work.  While her tips might seem basic, they have been ringing in my ears for days.   They are simple but do we all do them and do them well.  Quiz yourself: 

Here are her top 4 Key Thoughts: 

1) Do something different. Why is yours better? Is it a me-too brand?  If so, forget it.

2) It may not seem sexy in the beginning, but make sure you have all your 'i's' dotted and 't's' crossed.  By this she means licensing, trademarks, permits, company formation, etc.  SOOOO TRUE.  Just think; if she has not licensened and TM'ed Skinnygirl correctly, she could have never sold it for the major bucks and it would now be a regional Housewife vanity brand, rather than real company. (Picture Viva Moscato) 

3) Make sure the business idea is expandable/ exponential. Her example was a massage therapist.  They with their own hands can only do so many massages a day, but if they hire a team under them and branch out, the business stands to make more money.   Great concept.  Don't limit the business. 

4) Be ORGANIZED.  Not just your business space and idea, but everything in your personal life should be organized. Every drawer, purse, closet and even your social life.  Again simple but so true, "If you're not organized, how can the business be?"-  

Thanks, Bethenney.   Really loved these concepts.   

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