The NotSo​SoccerMom: Jill L Hickey


Every now and again, I get someone that says "are you still blogging?"  A nice nod to the fact that I spent years in the virtual world hosting online radio shows (hundreds!) and writing musings on parenting, pop culture, politics, life in the Northeast and whatever my brain fancied that day.  Many didn't understand what I did or how to find the content or how it even worked, but it was fun and creatively rewarding.  Note to Self: I need to re-find my Former Show Guests Lists. It's quite impressive, I say fairly modestly.                                                                                                                        

As my girls (now 19,18 and 15) and boy (now 8) grew and I got unceremoniously 'drafted' to help open our now two- franchise offices of Express Employment Professionals, my online fun and content got more sparse.  For awhile, I felt like I'd said all there was to say....sometimes with no one listening.    I never wanted to 'make it' and have some highly monetized viral site or show; I just wanted to be paid by having someone listen and say "that was funny" or "good point."  It did happen a bit but not enough for the hours of work and my kids and new franchise needed me.     

Of course I'm still on Twitter and have my Facebook page and Insta and Snap (did I miss one?). The NotSoSoccerMom Book (basically all blog archives) will be edited or at the very least, provide quite a writtenl 'baby book' for my kids to read when they are older.   I'm working on a couple new writing projects.  One is children's books.  Another a fledgling "Self-Help" book for those who don't even know they need help: "Here Let Me Help You: A Young Woman's Guide To Not Being Basic" based on my interactions with hundreds of teenage girls over the years. Deep Thoughts: I wonder how they'll find it in the store if they don't know they even need help...?? Guess I'll sit on street corners and issue it to young offenders.    I've found not much has changed since I started 'mom blogging' in 2005 except for the fact that there's a lot more Bloggers and pseudo experts. I'm not here to Expert anything, but I have been parenting for almost 20 years, have four kids, have moved quite a bit and well- yes, to sound old and tired, I've been to the wars.  So I'm going to start back up.   Going forward look for me as a monthly contributor at Fox 4 KC on Wednesdays during the morning show and I'll be back sharing ideas/ blogs on all social media. AND I'm proud to say I'm helping open and serving as one of the lead Dance Fitness instructors at re: YOU Dance Fitness. Check us out on Fbook and come dance with me!  Stay tuned. -- JLH ype your paragraph here.