The NotSo​SoccerMom

Jill's Holiday Gift Guide VOL 1


*Winter doesn't HAVE to equal pale, dehydrated, age-y looking skin.  The best bang for my skincare buck comes from brightening products and I've finally found my FAVE.    DermaDoctor's Photo Dynamic Family is ideal for concerns such as dark spots, age spots, post acne discoloration, freckles or to help create the appearance of an even, bright skin tone. I am wearing much less makeup as a result.  And (after almost 44 years <!>) I finally do believe LESS is more when you're trying to achieve a more youthful look.  

Check out DermaDoctor.com and give the gift of GREAT SKIN. 

As I always say,"You only have one face. Take care of it." 


* Three words-  Sweatshirt + Warmth + Classy= peplum zipped up hoodie.    Here's how you look cute while you stay warm.  AND you get to look like Real Housewife Melissa Gorga.  Icon Clothing Inc.    Make sure to follow the owner Macie on Instagram. You'll love her!   


* Beauty Devices.  You KNOW how I feel about this if you've been around me for more than 5 minutes. 

As Kip famously says on Napoleon Dynamite "Yes, I love technology."  Today's beauty technology

makes expensive facials and microdermabrasions easy to replicate at home.  A true splurge is Rodan &

Fields' Macro Exfoliator.     Buy from the best- Deena Burnett