Why do we do this?   Every time?   Here we are in another heated Presidential election cycle.  For as long as I've been paying attention to politics- which is the better part of the last 25 years- (hey, some of you like the "big game", some like the "big debate"), we whine when the Nominee looks to be a done deal.  "I don't like any of them."  "I'll stay home."   "I might write in someone."  

 It's the statistical equivalent of going to the most awesome buffet EVER and eating one bit of everything and saying, "I'm not full. I didn't like any of it."   The Right ran more people than the cast of Gandhi. I'm positive someone from Patrick's 1st grade class was a primary candidate from the Recess Party.   There WERE choices. There were women, hispanics, beltway insiders, outsiders, African Americans, etc.  Now, whether or not latter states got to partake by the time it got to them is another story.   

Perhaps it's something in our very American spirit that leads us to be not satisfied?    This country was founded by being not satisfied,  wanting more and wanting the best.  There's nothing wrong with that.  That's how great companies and people come to be.  They want to be better and do better, for themselves and their family and their town and leave a mark. 

As a person who admires what was the American Spirit and the business heroes, inventions and legacies it's made, it's scary to see us morphing to a "where's my free stuff?" society.   The Bernie voters score high in "deservablity"  That's not even a word!!!!  If some Leo Decaprio-looking Irish kid got off a boat at Ellis Island in 1867 and starting asking for everything he 'deserved', he'd be shark food in 10 seconds.  So, even if it stinks that your first choice or even fictional choice isn't the last man standing, what matters now is if your vote will support the very freedoms and 'make your own way' spirit that led us to found this country in the first place...  Don't let the "American Spirit" become one of laziness  and 'deservability.'

JLH-   4/27/16  


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