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The Calendar According to Football 9/21/14  

                                                                                       By The Month

                                     January-  PLAYOFFS (ALL CAPS, BUBBLE LETTERS) 


                                                      TELEVISION REVENUE FRENZY.  Also, there's a football game.  After that they have another

                                                       game for Pros. (*They are ALL Pros cuz they get paid)

                                     March- Superbowl over.  4 weeks of Post Superbowl interviews, analytics & punditry

                                     April- Let's get ready to get ready to get ready for some football!!!!!  It's the Draft 

                                     May- Let's break down the draft on talk radio and ESPN for 87% of the time. Baseball has started so it

                                                will get the remaining 13%

                                     June-  PLAYERS REPORT!!!  Well, the ones that aren't holding out for better contracts or too lazy  

                                     July- TRAINING CAMP IS STILL GOING!  Outside training camp is a media tent village that rivals Occupy 

                                    August- PreSeason games & Fantasy draft.  Get ready to watch Season Football by watching Pre-Season

                                                   football while getting ready to pretend to play it some more  

                                    September-December  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?  It's been a long 7 months without it (!)

                                                                                             By The Day

                                    Monday- Monday Night Football and Monday breakdown of Sunday's games

                                    Tuesday- Break Down Monday's Game

                                    Wednesday- Preview Thursday night's game

                                     Thursday- Thursday Night Football

                                     Friday- Break Down Thursday's Game and Preview Saturday's college games and Sunday's Pros

                                     Saturday- College Football, Preview Sunday

                                     Sunday-  DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING THAT DIAL.