The NotSo​SoccerMom: Jill L Hickey


My it's been a long time since I have blogged. Feels good to be back at the old keyboard. The reason I've been amiss in my social media duties and fun is because of my new day job as a Regional Vice President with a Physician Search Company.  This position, while fun and challenging has me covering six states.

I always find myself in a hotel room missing something. Well, a lot of things. I once brushed my teeth with mouthwash and a Latisse applicator....(which hadn't been used yet, to my credit)  So, I bring to you
"Hotel Room Beauty Hacks for the Traveling Working Mom.

* Forgot Foundation? - Use concealer but spread it very thinly, as concealer is more concentrated by nature.
* Forgot hair styling product?  Use a touch (I mean a SCOOTCH!) of hairspray on still wet hair.
* Forgot hair finishing product? Again a TEENSE of lotion w/ conditioner should smooth fly-aways and ends.
* Forgot earring backs? Get a pencil and rip off the eraser and use tiny parts of the rubber to secure earrings.
* Forgot Eye shadow?  Smudge eyeliner or brow product to create some darkness and apply w/ ring finger.
* Forgot Contouring product?  Fake it with anything dark and flat brown that you did bring. But be spare.
* Forgot leg shine: Cocktail flat brown bronzer with lotion and mix in hand until bronzer disperses into lotion.
* Forgot face serum/ moisturizer?  Use your eye cream. Make sure to warm it in hand and disperse well.

A Long Overdue Update from Jill - 1/30/16